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Q: I am thinking about getting married, is there anything I should do before to make sure my rights are protected?

A: Absolutely, there are a number of things that you need to consider, however you should consider a prenuptial agreement or “prenup” for short. Contrary to popular belief, a prenup is not drafted in anticipation of divorce; in fact the statute prohibits such things. However, a prenup does allow both parties to make full disclosure of liabilities and assets and prevents any confusion as to whose are whose. It is a great tool that is rarely used because of media stigma.

Q: I think I might need a divorce, should I wait to hire an attorney until my spouse files?

A: ABSOLUTELY NOT! In fact, one of the key differences at our firm, is we will try to help facilitate a reconciliation if it is possible before seeking that route.

Q: My wife has left me and taken our children to Virginia, what should I do?

A: Hire an attorney, this is a very serious situation and the Court’s take flight from the home state jurisdiction very seriously, hire an attorney ASAP.

Q: My wife and I have been fighting a lot lately, and she has asked me to leave the house but I’m not sure if I should leave. Should I?

A: NO! If you are both titled owners of the home, DO NOT LEAVE unless there is a risk of domestic violence. Abandoning the martial home will have serious repercussions for both distribution of property and child custody.

Q: Hiring an attorney is expensive; can I do my own divorce?

A: Do you have a law license? Then “NO”, you can risk losing serious rights if you simply try to go it alone.