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CCW “Badges”


I mentioned this in my blog post on concealed carry but it’s kind of buried in there. Just wanted to address it again. With the proliferation of these “concealed carry badges” I believe we are going to see an increase in prosecutions for impersonating a law enforcement officer. While that is bad enough, that charge is a misdemeanor here in North Carolina. The thing I am more concerned with is what I call the “Zimmerman Effect” which is the theory of the prosecution in a homicide or aggravated assault case that the concealed carrier was a “wannabe cop” and was acting outside the scope of self-defense or defense of others. Not only that, but it is bad publicity, which is something the armed citizen community does not need. The left wing media already hates us and will use every opportunity to attack the armed citizen in print and on air, so let’s not give them something truly stupid to report. Your paper permit is your badge. That, good sense, and sound tactics are all you need to defend your life. If you hand or show a law enforcement officer some stupid fake badge, you WILL have issues. So in short, and just to be perfectly clear: DO NOT BUY ONE OF THOSE STUPID CCW BADGES!!!

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