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The East Carolina Law Group > ESTATE PLANNING

In this ever-changing world, there doesn’t seem to be much you can control anymore. At the East Carolina Law Group though, you can control your legacy. We can help you draft the proper legal documents to plan for the unexpected and ensure that your final wishes are met.


To plan for incapacity…

  • A durable Power of Attorney grants a person you trust the power to manage your affairs on your behalf and in your best interest in the event that you become legally incompetent during your lifetime. A durable POA can be as broad or as narrow as your needs dictate.
  • A medical Power of Attorney grants a person you trust the power to consent to or refuse medical care on your behalf if you are hurt and incapable of communicating yourself.  A medical POA also provides instructions as to what kind of treatments you would consent to or refuse if you could.


To plan for your legacy…

  • A last Will and Testament is the simplest way to be the master of your legacy. Your Will contains a set of instructions for distributing your worldly belongings and property after passing. Your Will also appoints an Executor: the person responsible for making sure that your instructions are followed. We will execute your Will in compliance with the formalities required by NC Law in-house.
  • A revocable Trust is similar to a Will, but gives you more control and has more flexibility. A revocable trust is easier to change at will, never becomes public record the way that a Will does, and is the best way to ensure that your property in other states is distributed according to your wishes.